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We install and repair garage doors better than anyone else in town. We can also fix a broken garage door spring, install and repair garage door openers, fix broken drive gates, and more.

Denzels Garage Doors is the best garage door company in Sherman Oaks, CA and has a good reputation in the area. As the best garage door team, we love to help people in need. 

We offer a wide range of system repairs at low prices. Since you use your garage door often, we want to keep it in great shape. With regular maintenance, your garage door will always work well. We can fix your garage doors, motion sensors, and remote controls.

We also offer garage door repair in Sherman Oaks, CA  with skill and dependability. And This is what Denzels Garage Doors does:

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Just like a chipped front tooth bothers you, so does a broken garage door. It will bother you every time you drive in or out.

When your garage door doesn't work right, the security of your home will also be affected. Denzels Garage Doors is your local expert for garage door installation and service in Sherman Oak, CA, ensuring that it doesn't have to be that way. Call us and tell us as much information as you can about the problem. We'll send a technician right away to fix your garage doors.

At Denzels Garage Doors, one of the most important things we do is fix garage doors. This is important to remember because not every house needs a brand-new garage door. Some people may think that their old garage door can still work if it is repaired, while others may not have enough money to buy a new one. No matter what, our garage door repair service in Sherman Oak, CA can help.

At Denzels Garage Doors, you can get all the repair services you need to keep your garage door working well. When one of our skilled experts comes to your home, he will first look at the garage door, assess its condition, and figure out what is wrong with it. Once the problem has been found, he will then start the repair.

We know how important it is for you to have a garage door that works perfectly so that you can keep going with your daily tasks. Because most of us have very busy lives, one of the main reasons we do what we do is to make sure you can get to your car when you need to. Residents hire us to install their new or replace their garage doors, but they also know they can count on us for garage door repairs in Sherman Oak, CA as quickly, effectively, and with knowledge as possible. We have been helping people in and around Sherman Oaks, CA for more than ten years.

Ever wonder if you could make that outdated garage door match a new panel if you needed to?

Yes, definitely! Denzels Garage Doors is the best place to go if you want to replace your garage doors with ones that are both useful and affordable. Also, your garage doors will be the best-looking ones on the block. There are many different styles of high-quality garage doors to choose from when you need a new set. You should have professionals like Denzels Garage Doors check the design and materials of your garage doors.

The majority of homeowners in Sherman Oaks, CA would prefer to complete all tasks independently. When it comes to jobs involving garage doors, however, the circumstances are completely different from those that apply to basic and minimal housework. It is highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional if you want to ensure that your garage door repairs are both secure and successfully completed. Get in touch with Denzels Garage Doors as soon as possible!

Garage door openers basically let you into the garage. Get in touch with Denzels Garage Doors to find out more about the options you now have if you want to replace your garage door opener.

Chain, Belt, or Screw

Most garage doors are opened with a chain like a bike chain, but now there are three ways to drive them. 

  • Chains are popular because they are easy to use, last a long time, can be trusted, and are easy to fix. If your garage is attached to your house or close to your living room or bedrooms, it can be loud.
  • Screw drives use threaded metal rods to move doors. Less moving parts make it easier to fix and less likely to break. Instead of chains, notched belts are used in belt drives.
  • Belt drives cost more than chain or screw drives, but they are quieter. Contact Denzels Garage Doors to find out which garage door opener will work best for your home.

Motion Detection 

Most garage door openers have a light that comes on to help you see and then goes off after a short time. Smarter systems light up when you get close because they can sense motion. Several auto-reverse or door edge sensors stop the door from closing and turn the motor that closes the door in the opposite direction.

Remote Lockdown and Lockout

Security has gotten better because of garage door openers. Your remote lockout turns off the radio receiver, so the garage doors can't be opened. Call Denzels Garage Doors for assistance. Forced-entry lockdown systems secure garage doors when sensors detect an attempt to force them open or illegal access.

Fingerprints, Smartphones and Wireless

Smartphones that are connected to the internet can open garage doors. Your door opener can now track and log when the door opens and closes. It can also tell you if the door opens unexpectedly or doesn't close. Fingerprint scanners outside your garage let family members or other people with permission get in. This keeps children from being locked out. Ask Denzels Garage Doors about garage door openers.

Commercial garage doors, as well as those for residential and industrial uses, can be serviced and installed by Denzels Garage Doors. Have you become weary of having to repeatedly have your commercial garage door repaired? Or is the performance still terrible despite all the upkeep? Then it's time to think seriously about upgrading your commercial garage doors in Sherman Oaks, CA. When you consider the amount of money you have to invest, this choice may seem really unappealing. Below are some of the more significant advantages that having a new commercial garage door installed brings to your business, to help persuade you that everything is for the better.


Not only will it help protect your company's expensive things and other valuables from bad weather and thieves, but it will also help keep your employees safe. Your new garage door for your business would not only be more reliable, but it would also last longer because it would offer the most protection. With its new seals and the right way it was put together, it would help keep moisture from getting inside and damaging any goods.


New commercial garage doors offer better security and a classier look. Unlike traditional wooden doors or doors without insulation, these modern doors are made of stronger materials that are harder to break into.


In addition to making your business look better, replacing its commercial garage door is likely to raise its market value by a great deal. If you want to sell the business, it gives it a new look that could attract buyers. You can be sure that the door you choose will give your business a striking look if it is the same style and color as your business.


A new garage door has a lot of new features and a lot of modern technology, so it is more useful. You might find a better way to use the space in your garage that you haven't been using. Since your business is safer now, you can put all of your expensive tools in the garage at work. You might even consider turning a small room into a workshop.


If you have a climate-controlled commercial garage, a garage door with a higher insulation rating will likely take up less space. Your utility bill will go down because of this.


With the newest commercial garage doors, you can install a high-quality product that is easy to keep up. Denzels Garage Doors is your one-stop shop for garage door repair in Sherman Oaks, CA and the metro area around it.

Most of the time, homeowners don't pay attention to the maintenance needs of their garage doors. It is likely to wear out because it is used every day. Its mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts break easily because they are used very often. Always think about garage door maintenance, because that will keep your door working well for a long time. Call Denzels Garage Doors to take care of your garage door so it doesn't freeze up or get stuck.

Lubricating your garage door is important for how well it works and how long it lasts. Every month, you need to check on your garage door. Your garage door could last a lot longer if you did a few basic checks and oiled it regularly. If you do these quick tests, you might be able to save some money.


Close the door as a first step. Turn off your door's automatic opener so you can open it by hand. The door should be easy to open and stay open about three to four feet off the ground. If the door won't stay open on its own, call someone who knows how to fix garage doors.


Make sure your garage door is balanced before you do this test. After that, lift your garage door all the way up and put a 24 in the middle of the door opening. Press the remote control button to close the door after making sure nothing is in the way. When it hits the piece of wood, the garage door should turn around. If the door won't go back, you should call a skilled garage door technician.


Start by leaving your garage door open and standing outside while holding the remote. Press the button on the remote to close the door. Keep your hands on the bottom of the door as it goes down. If the door doesn't move back right away or if it takes a lot of force to stop it, you should call a professional.


How long your garage door lasts is largely determined by how often you grease it. If you want your garage door to last a lot longer, buy a can of spray lubricant from a reputable garage door company and spray it on every moving part of your door. Part of this is the spring, the hinges, and the rollers. When spraying the spring, you need to be extra careful because it is a high-tension part that can be very dangerous if it is set up wrong.

When you look at your home and notice how beautiful it is, you always feel good. Getting a new garage door is an investment in remodeling your home. It's more than just a way to get your car in and out of the garage. Get in touch with Denzels Garage Doors if you need help putting in a new garage door.


We don't often think about how garage doors are made. There are now a lot of different kinds of garage doors on the market. Installing a garage door with windows and panels can give your house a new look.


Steel is still the most common material for garage doors, and there's a reason for that. It is strong, weatherproof, doesn't rust easily, doesn't need much care, and comes in many different styles. Steel is not the only material you can use, though. You might want to look at different materials, like traditional wood, to make your home fit the style you want or stand out from the rest. Denzels Garage Doors can give you advice about different options so you can make the best choice possible.


If your garage isn't attached to your house, it's not a problem, but if it is, you should think about that when choosing the insulation level of your doors. Denzels Garage Doors has a number of doors with different levels of thermal insulation. In general, a wooden door will be better at keeping heat in than a regular steel door, but modern garage doors have a lot of options for insulating layers that make them better at keeping heat in. Call us right away, and our experts will help you figure out if your garage doors need to be insulated.

Decoration and Color

You can paint your garage doors any color you want. But the ones that were made in factories by the manufacturer are the most durable. Denzels Garage Doors can talk to you about the different colors you can choose from. If you'd rather have a simpler garage door, we can also show you handles and hinges and other decorative parts.

Your garage door is one of those things in your home that you use so often that you don't think much about it. Things are just like that. In fact, many families and homeowners use the garage door more than the front door to get in and out of their homes. Most homes' unofficial front doors are the garage doors.

So, think about how surprising it would be if one day you found you couldn't open your garage door at all. It will definitely change how you and your family spend your days, and it will be hard. You couldn't let it go on for too long without fixing it.

Should you try to solve the problem on your own, though? Most likely, the springs on the garage door are to blame. Is it better to hire professionals to replace it than to do it yourself?

No matter how good your garage door is, this won't always be the case. You'll eventually get to a point where it's hard to open and close your garage door. It could be that the garage door opener is broken. This is another problem with a garage door that a novice shouldn't try to fix. If this happens, please call Denzels Garage Doors so that our experienced technicians can fix it for you.

What Garage Door Springs Are and Why They Break

What are garage door springs exactly? Why do they break? Garage door springs are very important because, without them, opening and closing your garage door would be nearly impossible. You couldn't open or close them because they are too heavy, but the springs help lift them.

For garage doors, there are two types of springs: ones that twist and ones that stretch. Just by looking at them, you wouldn't be able to tell which is which. Both are long coils of metal that raise and lower garage doors. The way the two garage door springs work is what makes them different. Extension springs work by getting tight and then getting loose, while torsion springs work by twisting.

What makes them break now, and how does it happen? As with other garage door parts, there are a number of things that can cause a garage door spring to break. Some of these reasons are:

  • Wear and tear from everyday use
  • Lack of proper maintenance causes rust

Things can get dangerous when garage door springs break. This is mostly because of how heavy the garage door is. It is the heaviest part of your house that you can move. There is already a risk there, and when the garage door springs are broken, it just gets worse.

You can also keep an eye out for a number of signs that the springs are broken.

  • Most likely, the loud noise coming from your garage is caused by the spring being wound up.
  • When you open your garage door, you'll see a bend at the top.
  • If the garage door doesn't have the balance that works against gravity, it will fall quickly.

You know at that point that you need to call Denzels Garage Doors. We are the garage door experts in Sherman Oaks, CA, and we can fix anything, even broken garage door springs.

If your drive gate is broken right now, you should fix it right away because it is important for protecting your home, your family, and the environment around you. If your drive gate breaks, you could lose a lot of money. If your garage door opener isn't working right, it could close on your car by accident and damage it. Get in touch with Denzels Garage Doors right away to have your broken drive gate fixed so you don't have to deal with it every day.

Mechanical Breakdown

Drive gates come in many different styles, but before you call us, you might want to make sure that nothing is physically stopping a part of your gate from opening. If that didn't help, it's time to call Denzels Garage Doors so we can come take a look.

Power Up

Most likely, the most common problem with a drive gate is that when you push the button, nothing happens. Somewhere there is a power outage. There are a few other common problems, like the battery in the remote dying or the electrical breaker on the gate not working.


Most of the time, gates are so easy to use that we don't even think about them and we don't give them the care they need, so small problems keep getting worse until they are big enough to stop the gate from working as it should. We recommend that you check your drive gates at least once a year because of this. Aside from the basics like greasing hinges and checking electrical connections, there are other things to think about, like keeping the chain tension in a sliding gate or the spring tension in a lifting gate. Our skilled experts will look at it, and if there are any problems, they will likely find them before they happen. Call Denzels Garage Doors right now to set up a service visit and a regular maintenance plan for your drive gate. Maintaining your drive gate is always cheaper than fixing it or buying a new one.

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